Size Guide

Working out the size of a marquee can be tough. But rest assured that our staff are on hand to discuss your requirements and advise on what will work best for you and your specific needs.

To get started though, we have provided a basic size guide below that gives just enough information for you to know approximately what size marquee would work for you.

Once you’ve browsed our size guide, taken a look at our additional pages for accessories and layout etc. please contact us or request a quote.

Size (metres)Size (feet)Dining & Dance FloorDiningStanding
3m x 3m10’x10′//16
3m x 6m10’x20′//32
6m x 6m20’x20′//45
6m x 9m20’x30′//67
6m x 12m20’x40′307090
6m x 15m20’x50′5090112
9m x 9m30’x30′/60100
9m x 12m30’x40′5080135
9m x 15m30’x50′70100168
9m x 18m30’x60′90130202
9m x 21m30’x70′110160236
12m x 18m40’x60′110180270
12m x 21m40’x70′130210315
12m x 24m40’x80′160240360
12m x 27m40’x90′190270405
12m x 30m40’x100′220300450