Why choose a Marquee?

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Many couples choose to hire a marquee as it can be a more affordable option than booking a traditional venue. Whether it is an intimate gathering in a family garden to a larger scale event inside the grounds of an existing venue or even in an empty field the possibilities are endless.


The main benefit of choosing a marquee is that it can be placed almost anywhere that’s relatively level within reason.


You can choose the layout and the number of guests you want to accommodate without any restrictions on venue room sizes.

Car Parking

To have somewhere to park nearby is always a plus point for your guests and depending on the location you choose, it may be worth adding a walkway so that if you are in a remote location, your guests won’t sink their heels into the ground trying to get to the marquee – alternatively you could provide some wellies which work just as well too!


During the daytime, you can rely on natural light coming in, this can be enhanced by adding some window walls to let even more light in. For the evening you will need to have lighting and we have a choice of finishes on our chandeliers to suit most themes or blend in with your colour scheme and we can even organise exterior lighting to suit your needs.


Our most popular linings are ivory pleated and work well with most colour schemes, we also have black starlight led linings to give some extra sparkle to your dance-floor area.


We have wooden flooring that can be used on its own for a rustic look or covered in a carpet in a choice of colour to suit your scheme.

Tables and Seating

Weddings or formal occasions usually call for round tables, whilst more informal events often require additional comfy seating or trestle tables or sometimes hay bales, we stock several different types of chairs to suit all needs. Whatever your theme the decorations you use can really transform the marquee into a unique venue.


Marquees tend to offer more flexibility than a venue (which are normally restricted by time and sound) and you can generally keep the entertainment going until you drop, it’s always advisable to give any neighbours a bit of a warning in advance of your event.


Why not add on a catering section, an area where you can store and prepare food, unlike a venue you can have total control over the menu, what time you want to eat and you can choose your favourite caterers to do the honors.


The benefits are you are not restricted to choices that venues offer, you can decide what you want to offer your guests and it can work out considerably less than buying from a standard drinks menu.

Additional Items

We have a variety of additional items available to hire such as bar counters, poseur tables, rattan sofa sets, patio sets and picnic tables to name a few, why not ask us for more information.

Don’t forget that if you need to access power for your lighting, DJ/Band, Caterers etc then we are happy to arrange generator hire, executive toilets and even security if needed to your venue.

Contact us for further information about what we can offer you.

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